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Sunday, October 22, 2006

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Here are a few poems I read at the Open Mic at the Arms Library on Friday.

This is one I originally wrote in 1999 but revised on Friday.

Her Day In Court

Victims are not equal in the eyes of the law.

Is a stabbing ever anything but violence?
Does the victim ever want to be stabbed
then change his mind?
Was the victim ever provoking the stabbing?
Perhaps by the clothes he wore
that may have indicated
he had experience with being stabbed?

Some are made guilty and never proven innocent.

She came to say two things:
This was not a sexual act.
This was not her fault.
She swore this to God on their bible.
She knew that people said what they did
because they believed it will not happen
to someone like them -- just someone like her.

She came here to defend herself -- again.


These are two I wrote on Friday (shamefully during work)

if I speak
I become

if I speak
do I criticize
without offering

if I speak
do I plead
to those
who know more
than I do
to take action
when they haven't
already done so

if I speak
will things change
and if they do
will that be good
and if they don't
how bad will that be

if I speak
who will hear
what if I choose
the wrong audience
is that my fault
does that mean
I shouldn't speak at all

if I speak
and no one hears
am I better off
having spoken

if I speak
and someone agrees
and they also speak
to others who agree
will speaking
lead to action



I write to you
who feels alone
in a crowded mind
stepping out
of comfort zones
I write to you
since you know
how it is to hurt
you understand
and struggle
for clarity
amid the waves
of energy
now crashing
all around you
I write to you
this message
in a bottle
letting you know
that you will
be rescued
now that you
have learned
how to swim



  • I think this is an important poem you wrote, and unfortunately the message is as important as ever.
    (I found you in Flork!)

    By Blogger Indeterminacy, at Mon Nov 13, 06:35:00 AM GMT-5  

  • Laura. I don't know if you mean to be comical but I was laughing so hard at the blog about chasing down your mom's cat and getting bitten. Sorry. I know I have a twisted sense of humor.
    Hope you are well. I remember feeling those same feelings about just wanting someone special to sleep next to me and hold me. Sometimes, although I'm married, creeps back in moments when I am at odds with my husband. When that happens, it's worse than when I was single b/c you just never expect to feel that way when you are married. Thankfully, it's not often that that happens. I admire you being vulnerable in your blogs and poetry.
    Vicki---"I'm all over that monkey"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Jun 14, 06:27:00 PM GMT-5  

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