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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Inspiration

It's amazing what I will do to procrastinate something I know I should be doing.  I have one page left to write on Chapter 16. I even know WHAT I want to write. It is simply a matter of how I want to say it. Therein lies the problem.  In the meantime, I wrote these two delightful poems.

Atmospheric Meeting

as the clouds gather
my cat's ears twitch
and rotate sensing
something in the air
darkness passes with
each breeze then
light as the sun fights
to remain seen
soon, there will be
too many clouds
bumping into each other
rumbling, then rain and
a crack at imitating Sol


Renewable Energy

summer is standing
outside in the rain
finally some relief
from the heat wave
bare feet sizzling
as the front stoop
darkens drop by drop

kids laugh at the grown-ups --
running as if newspapers
and quick steps will
protect them from
what the earth craves

children know
the source of their power
comes from the sky



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