Ugly Cat Speaks

Friday, April 15, 2011

a couple of spring poems

waking up

in the chill of the
not-quite-Spring morning

heat rises from the
awakening trees
tufts of steam

or smoke from a
hidden garden gnome

climb the length
of the melting icy
bark of the slumbering tree

it is hard at work
manufacturing life


morning lesson

she sees it
lying in the
scars of snow
beneath the new
highway overpass
a hint of green
grass surrounds it
resentful, perhaps, of
yet another obstacle
to emergence
ignorant of the
usefulness of its
decomposing little body
the girl’s face
is contorted in horror
Easter is next week
and now her head
is not filled with
marshmallow fluff
and chocolate bunnies
but of this twisted rabbit
next to her school bus stop



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