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Friday, July 23, 2010

Poetic Burst

It turns out I guilted myself into finishing Chapter 16 (which is a good thing). Now only five or so chapters left until the really hard part begins. In the meantime, it seems the poetry dam has burst and I am writing those again as well. Here are the latest two.

if I could remember

would I understand
these fears - these hesitations

would I let them
fall away like a cloak
in the warm mudroom
of a winter cottage

would I select
another part to play

would I allow myself
a different life as
an actor chooses her roles
to show the world her talent.


Sister Ships

we are amazing
You and I
anomalies of
a broken home
or examples
depending on
whose side you’re on

we are sound vessels
skillfully patched together
so that one’s weakness
is strengthened by the other

navigating independently
knowing there is always
a safe port to return to



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