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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The latest batch

It seems I haven't been writing either poetry or the novel. And, yet again, as I prepare to work on the next chapter of my novel, I find I need to post some poetry before I can begin. Procrastination works in mysterious ways.

Sisyphus’ Day Off

as the boulder
rolls down the
never-ending hill
he paints poster board
primary colors against
a white background
“Stop War – Make Peace”


mathematical problem

these problems in my mind
words like fictions or films
posed erroneously
trigger real emotions
until reality becomes
abstraction leaving me
adding irrational sums
to an already fractional
Existence – I am –
of course – divided
unable to find a common
still uncertain
as to whether I should
add to this life  or
subtract from it



after twenty-four years
all that remains is
a faint nagging while
I push through this
sluggish rainy work day
sipping coffee and wishing
my ethics allowed me
to call in sick when
all I really need is
a good cry and more sleep
I keep you in my heart
most days you are there
so quietly, so integrated
I hardly notice the
comfort you give me
until days like this
when my aging brain
reminds me that
something important



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