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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Catching Up

Yes, I know. It's Saturday night and I am writing a blog post. (Wait, readers probably won't realize that.) Uh, Happy Monday Everyone!  I am goofing off at work, like all normal people on a Monday morning, and writing a blog entry. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I'm working on some poems for the Florence Poets Society Annual Fall Poetry Festival at Look Park, September 26th, noon- 5:00 pm. A friend of mine will be reading with me and we have tentatively (depending on whether I can write some decent works) planned to a complementary theme. (I'll let you ponder her theme after reading the two poems I have written so far.)

The Fart
(with apologies to Carl Sandburg)

The fart comes
on skittish rat feet.

Shit sits looking
over harbor and porcelain
on violent stenches
and then moves on.


Belch, Before Loud Voices Resume
(with apologies to Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Belch, before loud voices resume,
Vibrates in the room –
Odors, akin to General Tso’s chicken,
Live within the room they sicken.

Rose leaves, she is filled with dread,
Wishing she were rather dead
And so our thoughts, once she is gone,
Faux pas of ours we dwell upon.


I'm hoping to write some original poems on the topic as well as "amend" a few more famous poems.

Here's a couple of poems I've written in August.

    Big Brother

from the center
the only one
and spending
three years struggling
to define his world

it changes

he must wait and sometimes
play time gets
interrupted when
she cries and they
tell him “no” or
“be patient” – he
pieces together the
world and rules
and what limited
causes and effects
he sees – then
visitors change
the rules again
he is third or fourth
in line for attention
no longer at the front
until he lashes out
at the interloper
somehow knowing
to kick the diaper
and not her head
or to hit her legs
and not her face – both
of course – get the attention
he wanted – but
quickly followed
by isolation again

time to re-think
the strategy



evil walks among us
not as radiant as
an angel’s smiling face
but just as potent
and welcoming

at what point
do beings realize
the outstretched hand
they willingly accepted
will soon strangle them

more amazingly are
the survivors of evil
who once again reach
for a stranger’s
questionable hand

some thinking
they can beat the odds
others refusing
to let evil change
their hearts too



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