Ugly Cat Speaks

Sunday, July 10, 2011



alone again with the Universe around me
swirling galaxies buzzing with life
all alone, separated from the others
the ones with skin, with fur, with feathers
the microscopic membrane barriers
designed to keep us defined

but in that definition
we have forgotten what we mean
I mean the ones in these sentient bodies
the naked apes attempting to gain
dominion over those who have already
figured out their purpose in this life

we keep searching – the skies, the earth,
the ether and dark places other creatures shun
some are brave enough to look inside
and still believe the journey isn’t over
we construct mythologies proclaiming
our superiority over the beasts that crawl
the fish that swim and the birds that fly

but why then are they free to roam
free to live and love in whatever way they do
not worried about legalities or paper
they navigate their world based on instinct
that inherent truth within them
guiding their every move

we force laws and social contracts
on the other lonely beings like us
so that we can feel more at home
in this skin that isolates us
rattling rules around in our heads
regarding who can share our lives,
our beds, our thoughts and insecurities

if I were a bird would I try to fly
away to the stars, risking exhaustion
or worse, the flaming death of Icarus
if I were a salmon would I fight
my natural urges to go home
and travel the oceans looking
for the one thing I know isn’t out there



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